Wednesday, August 14, 2013
After I wrote my article about Ashley and Aiden I was contacted by a few people with similar stories. One story however broke my heart. Angela wrote to me asking for help for her friend Mariah, that was raped and now pregnant. The story didn't end there. This girl was brave enough to choose life for her unborn baby against her mothers advice but because of her decision to chose life she was kicked out of her parents house. Mariah was now sleeping at a friends apartment and had been for some time. My heart just broke for this girl who had no support. So I immediately got in contact with her and made arrangements to meet. I met Mariah when she was 29 weeks pregnant and still living with a friend. While we sat at a coffee shop talking, Mariah just cried. Mariah was 17 years old and while at a college party with her friends she was drugged, raped and is now pregnant. Mariah was a virgin and was waiting till marriage. Mariah pressed charges against the rapist and there is a warrant out for his arrest but he is on the run. Mariah's story of courage and strength starts here. Mariah's mother wanted Mariah to have an abortion but Mariah declined. After realizing that Mariah wasn't going to have an abortion her mom suggested adoption. When Mariah let her mother know that she was going to raise her child, Mariah was kicked out on the street and left to fend for herself. Her mother based her decisions to kick her out on how this was going to affect Mariah's younger sister. She was heart broken with the lack of support from her mother.

While talking at the coffee shop we talked about adoption, parenting and her plans for school if she parents. Mariah is a very smart, brave,  pretty young girl who I have to say I admire so much. To stand strong about not having an abortion and now wanting to parent she is an inspiration to me.

Sunday August 11th Mariah moved back into her parents home and has started to work on her relationship with her Mom. This makes my heart smile. Mariah says they have a ways to go but she is hopeful.
Last week when I took Ashley to Cedar Point, I told her about Mariah. Her response "I want to help her". Last night while sitting at dinner with Mariah I got a text from Ashley who was going through all Aidens newborn clothes. These clothes no longer fit Aiden so Ashley is boxing them up for Mariah. Mariah is also going to be raising a son. I am just so filled with joy that all the donations that were sent for Ashley are now going to be helping yet another child and his mother. This is what being pro-life is all about guys.  Helping the least of us. I have fallen in love with these two strong girls and the strength that they both are doing what is right.  These two girls didn't asked to be raped and certainly didn't ask to be pregnant, but there actions are inspiring. We all could learn alot from them and their sacrifices.

Mariah is now 33 weeks pregnant and is need of donated items.  Anyone wanting to donate gently used items please contact me. 


  1. Her story and Ashley's story is making me cry. Oh they have better courage than the older generation. Quite filled with hope for the future. Thank you for being there for them.

  2. Monica, Thank YOU for your loving heart & giving hope & support to these young girls. It's a commitment that will last their lifetimes. God Bless you so much! Joy