Wednesday, February 12, 2014
When someone says, "I am pro-life except in the case of rape or incest", they are using an oxymoron to describe themselves.  This is in essence describing themselves as pro-choice and have a lack of understanding of what being pro-life is truly about.  Glenn Beck, who my husband listens to almost daily, is a good example of someone who is highly intelligent but lacks the understanding of what it means to be pro-life with no exceptions.  Let me explain.
First of all, let me tell you about who I am.  I am a medic and a firefighter from Indiana.  Four years ago at the age of 37 I reconnected with my birth-mother who placed me for adoption at birth.  The information she entrusted in me the day we reconnected has changed the course of my life forever.  My birth-mother was brutally raped at 17 and as a result became pregnant with me.  But in 1972 my life was protected by a law that said that my life had value.  And even though the law was in place, protecting me, my birth-mother succumbed to the pressure of carrying a child conceived out of rape and found herself at a back alley abortion clinic at the advice of her mother.  While standing in front of the man who was going to take my life, my birth-mother changed her mind.  She left this clinic and never looked back.  Her mother hid her from the outside world. She gave birth to me and never even looked at me.  But she gave me the greatest gift I have ever received, on top of giving me my life, she gave me an amazing family.  And for that I will forever be grateful. 
When someone decides that they are pro-life, they have come to the understanding that this child deserves his or her right to life. They understand that no matter how a child was conceived, whether by two people in some type of relationship, or by the horrible act of rape or incest, the child should not pay the price and be given the death penalty.  If someone has an exception for rape or incest, they are no longer pro-life but are pro-choice.  We would say that a pregnant couple needs to take responsibility for their actions instead of killing a child to keep the lifestyle they want or need.  We would also say that if you get pregnant and are not ready to have a child then adoption is the best option.  But what about a child who is not conceived with wine and roses?  What if a child is conceived out of a horrible act that man meant for evil?  Do we then not look at this child as a child who deserves their right to life?  Does this child not have the same rights as a child conceived with wine and roses?  If we say that we are against abortion because the child shouldn't pay the price then why are we making an exception for a child whose conception was less fortunate?  Glenn Beck often refers to his belief on this subject as we think of the mother who was raped or rather that it would be a difficult decision to make if she was raped.  Of course we think about her rights and her emotional state.  However, sometimes we get so wrapped up in the emotional state of the woman, we forget that there is an innocent living being inside who has a right to live as well.  Glenn, I would like to give you something to think about.
Since I am a medic I am going to put this in terms I can easily explain.
Lets say your daughter is in a horrible two car accident and the person in the other car died.  Your daughter was trapped in a car for two hours before firefighters could extricate her.  They get her out of the car and discover her right thigh (femur bone) is broken and is protruding out of her leg.  This is the biggest, strongest bone in our body.  As a medic we put her leg in traction, stabilize her and rush her to the hospital.  While at the hospital they run lots of tests and x-ray's.  Inevitably they decide she needs surgery.  The doctor finally comes in to talk to the family after surgery and says "I have some bad news".  Her femur bone is broken but we have stabilized it, put pins in it and she will be in traction for about 6-9 months until it heals.  She might have a little bit of a limp for the rest of her life when it heals or she could recover 100%.  We just wont know till she is out of traction.  Now at this point, your daughters life has been through a traumatic event, she has a leg in traction and her life now is on hold for 6-9 months until her leg heals. What about the emotional state of your daughter? Should she be forced into traction, left to deal with the trauma of an accident that took someone's life and have to put her life on hold for 6-9 months?  What if your daughter said, "I just can't deal with all this just cut my leg off so I can get my life back and not have to deal with all this emotional and physical trauma". Will cutting her viable leg off fix the problem?  No, she will has to heal, emotionally and physically just like a woman who was raped.  60% of pro-lifers like yourself think the same way you do. But it's time we start realizing that abortion isn't going to fix the rape. The woman needs to heal emotionally and physically and killing her child isn't going to take that away.  Bad things happen to good people, but it's never ok to kill a child because of a bad situation.
I am a firefighter and a medic from Indiana who saves lives on a daily basis.  My life was saved back in 1972 when my birth-mother walked out of that back alley abortion clinic and now I save lives. I have emailed you a few times and I understand that you must be busy but I am asking that you would sit down and have lunch with me.  My treat.  Let me talk to you from the child's point of view who was conceived in rape. I can show you what man meant for evil, God made for good.  
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